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2014 B.F.A. Graphic Design
Portfolio Exhibition

The exhibition that the Seniors of 2014 all have been waiting for…dreaming of…worrying about…has finally arrived. This week, on Friday April 25th, 48 seniors will display their work at the Emily Davis Gallery in the Myers School of Art on the University of Akron campus for all to see. The exhibition is the final stepping stone of a student Graphic Designer’s educational career, as employers and professionals will look to hire creative, young talent to enhance their businesses and corporations.

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Honors Projects

Two of our senior class have done a great job in putting on their own exhibitions. These exhibitions were done for their honors project with the University of Akron.
For Aj Poholski's honors project, he explored the impact that these environmental disasters have had on their surrounding environments.

Click to view Aj Poholski's Honors Project

For Ashley Hauser's honors project, she explored more with video, specifically kinetic typography based off of quotes and excerpt from TED Talks.

Click to view Ashley Hauser's Honors Project

Enrollment for Fall 2014

Begin looking at classes that you are interested in taking for Summer and/or Fall 2014 semester. Please see one of the Myers School of Art Front Office staff to arrange a 30 minute meeting with Katie Timperio. Please make the appointment with Katie through Victoria, Cody or Julie in the Front Office. Please refrain from sending me your availability if you are able to schedule a meeting with me in person through the Front Office. You can also call the Front Office to schedule a meeting with me at (330) 972-6030.

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